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PUNCHO's® is fueled by the love for fries, duh. Equally partnered with the love for the many subcultures of Atlanta, that makes it one of the best cities in the world. 

It's more than fries.

As two kids born and bread ITP (inside the perimeter), we take pride in preserving classic recipes and a piece of the city's story. Our brand aims to be a shining reflection of the flavors we LOVE, the way we SPEAK, and the way we LIVE.

from scratch • hand-cut • with love

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Trap Store


We're located in the Pittsburgh neighborhood. But hold your hunger until you follow the instructions below!

STEP 1 - Place your order here, you will receive an email confirmation with an estimated* pickup time. You'll also recieve a text from us within 5min.

Select "Cash" as payment type. (We do not actually accept cash at the moment.)

STEP 2 - Once your order is confirmed via email and/or text, send your payment via CashApp to $thefrytrap. Text us the screenshot then we'll send you the pickup address.

--We accept Zelle, Paypal, Venmo and Apple Pay as well.

STEP 3 - When you arrive, just send us a TEXT and we'll bring it out to you!


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